Rojo Manana

Since childhood, I was expected to learn Spanish because of my cultural background but, unfortunately, the language has never stuck. After years of internal strife and public humiliation I learn that maybe not knowing Spanish is ok.

How now, Horatio?

High school reunions can be tough but if you were one of the weird, unpopular theater kids it can be even tougher.  This essay is for anyone who’s ever found solace in the strange community of The Drama Room at your high school or the fairy tale land of theater competitions.

I buy albums at record stores

The record store is not dead…yet. This essay explores my personal interest in making sure record stores do not become a relic of the past.  Cracking into the stereotypes and fears people have about going into record stores, I argue how a change in perception can ensure these magical places stick around.

We could talk about the weather

Where did all the time go? Why are we all so busy? What happened to sitting down and writing a letter to a friend? This essay is a reflection on the time once taken to physically write letters, the need for tangibility in a digital world, and an appreciation for good old-fashioned discussion about the expected temperature.

A Kingdom Less A Crown

Pageants are a little weird. What’s weirder is when you almost win one without trying and lose everything in a second because of Margaret Cho. In this essay, I talk about my experience of being an unconventional participant in the Miss San Francisco pageant and how what is lost is can also be something gained. Published in Issue 2 of Beholder Magazine, 2019.

I am a writer and theater practitioner with a focus on virtual theater.

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