I just started learning the guitar and thought I’d write about it.

Music Police

“Guitar blog, guitar blog, must update the guitar blog, ” goes through my head on a daily basis but then I stop myself from updating because there’s nothing, really, to update. I was having trouble with that realization at first but then realized that this is something that will happen when trying something new and … Continue reading 

The Right Way

I’m still loving Em because of the sound it makes and the ease in which I can play it but I can’t seem to remember the finger placements Am. The G and C chords are tricky and I’m wondering what other guitarist has small hands – they have to be out there. I’m being taught … Continue reading 

That one band named after the cartoon about a boy and his dog

I didn’t get to practice as much as I wanted – there seemed to be lots of distractions. Excuses. They were excuses. I can’t name a distraction that was good enough for me to use it as an excuse for not practicing. It’s not that I’m feeling any pressure or I’m feeling impostor syndrome it’s … Continue reading 

Learning a Thing

Hello. I am 41 and I just started to play the guitar. If you’re a late-bloomer, a procrastinator, or just generally late to the party, welcome. You are in good company.   Playing the guitar is a longstanding interest of mine and at the beginning of this year, I decided to stop wondering what it would … Continue reading 


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