Four Boys on a Beach

Performed during The Metronome Society’s “Self-Titled: A Live Theatrical Mix Tape” at the Rendezvous Theater, Seattle, Washington, July 2015

Synopsis: Three upper-middle-class white women get together to watch the finale of the television “The Bachelorette” and discuss their busy and stressful lives.  This satire explores perceptions of oppression, privilege, and whether or not that glass of wine was well-deserved. 


ADRIENNE, recently single white woman in her mid-30s, she lives by herself in an apartment, she aspires to have the lives and financial status of her friends 

CHELSEA, single white woman in her mid-30s, she is an actor who is always auditioning but never gets parts, obsessed with the latest diet fad and anything that will make her look younger

BRIT, a married white woman in her mid-30s, she is a self-proclaimed “busy mom” complete with a nanny she can’t stand and a pill-popping addiction



Movers and Shakers / Tossers and Thieves

Performed at the Eclectic Theatre One-Act Festival, December 2014, Seattle, Washington

Synopsis: Paper-thin walls. Overheard conversations. Apartment living. This multi-storied one-act takes the audience into the everyday lives of people living in the same apartment complex and highlights some of the reasons why your neighbor might look at you suspiciously.


IAN, in his mid-20s, student by day and security guard by night

CLARA, in her early 20s, IAN’s unemployed shut-in sister whose connection to the world is via TV and has befriended some inanimate objects

LAUREN, in her mid-late 30s, she is a retail worker conflicted about her perception of the world

DOROTHY, mid-late 60s, she is the manager of the building with a school of hard knocks mentality

RECKLESS RICKY, in his 40s, DOROTHY’s son, a drifter and a musician, he is looking for atonement

Cut Here

Performed at the Eclectic Theater One-Act Festival, June 2014, Seattle, Washington

Synopsis: Full of anxiety about making a mixtape for your friend’s suicidal girlfriend? Ever get in a fight about the difference between television theme songs? Do you hate it when Americans pronounce Barcelona “Bar-the-lona”? Are emotional and serious moments with your friends, at best, awkward? Old friends Scotty and Dan dance around the reasons behind Scotty’s three-year disappearance and casual return while talking shop about the technicalities of making mixtapes, introversion, cognitive dissonance, and the Airwolf theme song. 


SCOTTY, man or woman in their early 30s, who has been missing for the last few years and has just returned without explanation. 

DAN, man or woman in their early 30s, is a close friend to Scotty trying to reconcile the unexplained disappearance of their friend


I am a writer and theater practitioner with a focus on virtual theater.

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