August 2022

Writer and Performer

Presented by OnBoardXR and a part of Active Replica’s  this is the world premiere of “Spaceholder” performed in Mozilla Hubs. A one act peek into a longer and larger show that will be produced in 2023, the story follows Daniel, Merriam, and Max who are trapped in between life and death on Spaceholder, a game show where contestants win points to move on to the phase of the afterlife.  However, with tasks dictated by a secret “Judge and Jury” and a point system that consists of square roots and percentages, there is little faith that any of them will ever achieve the coveted prize. As personalities clash and the trio becomes increasingly frustrated with each other, they are given an opportunity to change the course of their existence and must collectively decide how to take action.  This show was presented in Mozilla Hubs and will migrate to VRChat for its next iteration.

Let the games begin!


August 2022

Performer and Production Team

Alongside performing, I assisted with the narrative design and character development for a live performance that will be immersive, interactive, and episodic and will take place on the VRChat platform. Taking place on a spaceship, the audience is entertained by stage shows and the daily lives of characters lost in space. Tech and apps used during this process include the Oculus Quest 2 headset, HTC VivePro with full body tracking, VRChat, and VR project management virtual world, Noda.

The Dating Game while lost in space.

Below the Barracks and Above the Sea

March 2022

Writer and Performer

Angie believes she found your dream home: a seaside property with a garden, an open plan for entertaining, and a unique view of the mysteries of the deep. But be ready to roll up those sleeves because this house is screaming for TLC! Presented by OnBoardXR4, this monologue is scripted with room for audience interaction. The setting is a house half-submerged in the ocean with most action taking place in the “dry” part of the house with a moment of underwater exploration cut off by a menacing sea creature.

A diamond in the rough – it just needs some TLC!

Firework enthusiast. Amateur knife thrower.

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