Teaching Artist

Fall 2020-Spring 2021

Everett Community College

This class focused on how to bring theater into the virtual space. Our production was a live Zoom event and was a retelling of Macbeth using the framework of the television show Unsolved Mysteries. I assisted the students with devising the script through text analysis and writing assignments. The goal of the class was to show that theater can still be performed and experienced even with constraints placed on theater venues during the COVID pandemic. During the spring semester I helped run the Drama Club via Zoom in which I presented mini lectures on Improv, Sketch Comedy, and Digital performance.


My current research is focused on comedic movement within virtual reality. Using Commedia dell’arte lazzi as a foundation for exploration, my colleagues and I experiment how avatars translate status, expressions, and emotions in situational comedic scenes. Mainly working in Altspace, these experiments have also been conducted in VRChat for basis of comparison between the two platforms and their avatars. Below are stills from the experiments conducted with the lazzo “Playing without being seen” in Altspace and VRChat.

Firework enthusiast. Amateur knife thrower.

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